Our wet painting booths are manufactured as standard or custom design according to the customer’s needs. For the cabin selection, the dimensions of the parts and the targeted capacity are the determining elements. Our booths are made of stainless steel or galvanized sheet and fully assembled with bolts.

In our wet painting booth with water curtain, the air is sucked through the water curtain by exhaust fans while the unused wet paint is held by water. And the clean and healthy environment is created by supplying the fresh air to the environment.

Teflon (non-stick), solvent based and water based paint applications can be applied in our wet painting booths.

We also design Flash off and Positive Pressure rooms for our wet paint plants. In flash off rooms, solvent separation process of painted parts is done. The solvent that released in these rooms is removed by exhaust fans and a healthy working environment is obtained. In positive pressure rooms, temperature, humidity and dust-free environments are created for ideal painting. And in this way, maximum quality paint application is obtained.